Welcome to Cromwell Fountain Five Condominiums

Cromwell Fountain Five Condominiums is a community of 144 Condos located in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

39.197818 N, -76.604046 W

Constructed in 1998 on roughly 7.64 acres, Cromwell Fountain Five Condos consist of 12 buildings. The buildings are located on Rain Water Way, Home Water Way and Clear Drop Way, but we share the street with condos belonging to Cromwell Fountain Three Condos.

The association is currently governed by a Board of Directors who are elected to serve terms.

Property Manager

The currently assigned property manager is Jeremy Shifflett. He can be reached at 410.760.4203 or via email at jeremy@pinnacle-md.com

Effie Lancaster
Courtney Marshall
Katie Fitzgerald
Member at Large
Mary Anne Rosenwald